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M-MAT (Multi-Modal Attachment Therapy) is a new, powerful therapy model for working with children with attachment challenges and their families. Scroll down to learn more about M-MAT

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To provide accessible, leading-edge, transformative tools for therapists, social workers, and others working with children and families.

M-MAT Training
Multi-Modal Attachment Therapy

For your clients. For yourself. For your career.


Our training provides the tools you need to implement the M-MAT (Multi-Modal Attachment Therapy) model!


The M-MAT Training Institute philosophy holds that high-quality training for therapists should be accessible both in terms of cost and time commitment. Thus, you will find our trainings affordable and efficient!

For Your Clients

Acquire new skills to help the children and families you work with. Reach some of the hardest-to-reach children; Address some of the most treatment-resistant behaviors; Bring hope to parents and healing to families.

For Your Career

  • Become a certified M-MAT Provider!
  • Build out your niche in working with children and families.
  • CE (Continuing Education) credits are available for all levels. Click below to find out more about CE credits.

What is M-MAT?

An Integrated Whole-Brain Approach to Attachment Injuries in Children and Families.

Some of the most challenging children to help are those who have been injured early in life in their first relationships through disrupted or injured attachment. These children can be both hurting and hurtful to others, and are often anxious and depressed, yet push away the very things they most need for healing: love and connection. Traditional child therapies are largely ineffective and professionals and parents may be at a loss as to how to help.
Perhaps there is a better way to reach attachment-injured children. Perhaps our therapy models have simply not been a good match for their needs…

Multi-Modal Attachment Therapy (M-MAT) brings a fresh, innovative approach to working with children and families struggling with attachment injuries. In a whole-brain strategy, M-MAT blends a number of modalities to target precisely those areas most impacted by the attachment injury: attachment and connection, self-concept, worldview, and skills deficits. The result is a powerful, cohesive, and comprehensive attachment-based therapy.
Multi-Modal Attachment Therapy (M-MAT) is a structured attachment-based therapy with the primary focus on healing attachment injuries* through adult/child interactions, integrating both play and talk therapies.
M-MAT is a two-pronged approach with both a play and a talk component. The play component utilizes largely non-verbal, bottom-up, sensorimotor forms of communication, connection and nurturing, including mirroring, rhythm, touch and eye contact.

The talk component engages the power of language and the child’s thoughts by addressing cognitive distortions, responsibility, and self-concept through re-storying, skill building and psychoeducation. M-MAT helps the child create a new narrative in which they can organize and make sense of their experiences in a healthy, adaptive way.
The two components together reinforce each other, allow for deeper integration and healing, and are far more powerful than either alone. Together they access many parts of the brain and harness the incredible healing power inherent in both left and right brain modalities.

M-MAT is not just for children with attachment challenges. M-MAT is currently being used in some settings to address child physical and/or sexual abuse. When there is a reasonably secure attachment with a parent or caregiver, M-MAT is able to leverage the power of that relationship to promote healing. The M-MAT "frame" of attachment-based play and feeding and questions helps the child to emotionally regulate, access relational resources to assist in their healing, and be more engaged in the middle "Talk" part of M-MAT. During the M-MAT talk portion, the child is able to make new meanings of their experiences and shame is reduced. Although results are only anecdotal at this point, they are promising!


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  click course card to go to course detail page  

Upon enrollment, participants will have access to the free M-MAT Therapists' Community!
Participants completing levels 1, 2 & 3 will be certified in M-MAT (Multi-Modal Attachment Therapy)!


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Click Bundle Card to go to Bundle Detail Page

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 The Full Certificate Series

M-MAT Level 1

Self-Paced, Online
Video Course
Nuts and Bolts of M-MAT
7  CE Credits

M-MAT Level 2

Live, interactive, Online
Therapist Skill Development
Limited Class Size
12  CE Credits

M-MAT Level 3

Live, Interactive, Online
Advanced Topics
Limited Class Size
6 CE Credits
Become Certified in M-MAT Multi-Modal Attachment Therapy! Complete all 3 trainings!
Bundle discounts available when levels 2 & 3 are purchased at the same time.
Certified M-MAT Therapists can join our referral list.
If your organization wishes to host live, IN-PERSON M-MAT Level 2 and/or 3 trainings, or
set up an online Level 2 and/or 3 training just for your organization,
please contact us at or 209-206-8502

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What people are saying about M-MAT!
Multi-Modal Attachment Therapy

"My team decided to do a voluntary study of your book...There has been such a positive response, I couldn't resist the urge to share it with you! I wish you could have heard our first session. Each therapist exclaimed how much they like the material and how well it aligns with our training (NMT with Dr. Perry, EMDR, TBRI, PACE and Theraplay). Many of the therapists are excited to start using your approach! Your material has spurred such rich conversation among our group! We are all thoroughly enjoying studying your material and have found it to be incredibly valuable! "

Leyla Haverock
Family Therapist
"I like the optimism and practicality of M-MAT; the way it attempts to address the real problem - the relationship between a parent and their child - rather than just focusing on the symptoms and behaviors"
Simon Currigan
Joint Founder, Beacon School Support
"...On a personal level I feel it has brought my training together in a more applicable way and has given me such greater understanding of the child's perspective!
Thank you so much for your hard work to develop this approach."
Leyla haverock
family therapist
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